STANLEY® 20M Laser Afstandsmåler (SLM65)

Funktioner & fordele

  • Thanks to its extensive reach, the STANLEY® SLM65 Laser Distance Measure, 20M is suitable for a wide range of professional measuring applications. This easy-to-use LDM has been designed with practical features such as two-button operation: one to activate the device and take measurements, and a cog button to select different functions. With an LCD screen featuring black characters on a white background, the SLM65 is effortless to read, particularly in bright conditions. The two-point system facilitates measurements from either the top or base of the unit, providing accuracy and flexibility in a multitude of measuring scenarios. Robust, reliable and durable, the STANLEY® SLM65 Laser Distance Measure, 20M has been subjected to a 1M impact drop test to ensure it withstands knocks and bumps, so every professional feels confident using it around the work site. This versatile LDM is equipped with a generously-sized screen that displays two rows of measurements, and a power saving mode that will protect battery life by automatically turning off the laser after 120 seconds and the screen after 180 seconds.
  • 20M/FT measuring range – suitable for a wide variety of professional measuring applications
  • Two-button operation for ease of use
  • Black characters on white background ensures full visibility of measurements, especially in bright conditions
  • On/Measure button for taking measurements
  • Cog button for changing functions
  • Two-point measurement system – measurements can be taken from the top or base of unit for added flexibility and accuracy in different working scenarios
  • Power save mode – device automatically switches off when idle after 120 seconds (laser shut off), 180 seconds (screen shut off)
  • Large screen size – shows two rows of measurements on screen at any time
  • 1M impact drop test – withstands knocks and drops
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